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Harwood Tangurey

Last updated on Aug 17, 2006

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GRCH HARWOOD QUINELAWelcome to Harwood Persians, located 45 miles north of Atlanta Georgia.The name Harwood was established in 1970 and registered with The Cat Fanciers Association. It is not now , nor has ever been a business. I am a hobby breeder focusing on the breeding of Bicolor Persians mainly for exhibition. Harwood breeds ONLY pure Persians with no Himalayan, CPC, Exotic shorthair or any other short or longhair mixes. The lines are researched and only Persians are in my pedigrees. We do occasionally have a loving retired adult for adoption or a pet kitten for lap sitting.

The cats have their own area in a part of my home that has plenty of light, fresh air and sunshine. The mothers have their own private enclosures to feel safe and protected while rearing babies. The others have large walk ins with plenty of toys and things to climb on, in addition to running loose in selected groups each day. With 4 boys and about 10 females, they all get along well and are familiar with each other. We never take in cats for breeding or any other reason, so Harwood is a closed cattery. There is also a screened patio for when the weather is good for them to lounge and have a change of scenery. Their diet consists of Iams mixed with fresh raw beef and green vegetables. They get plenty of attention, and kittens are always underfoot and well socialized.

Persian kitten  Pet kittens are usually placed with a pedigree alone and not open registration papers to insure they are going to a new home as a loved pet only to be neutered or spayed. Show cats and kittens are not placed in the Southern region, but are available for any other region, including overseas. Not all are pictured, so feel free to contact me and see what is available. Pictures and pedigree on request Have fun and enjoy this collection of some of my babies either here or in other wonderful homes.

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